Wednesday, 6 February 2008

On the Upside

This week didn't start well. I caught some sort of bug and I've been at home struggling to get rid of it. I actually don't know what was worse - the anitibotics or the bug. However today I feel a bit more normal. Yes I can hear you all asking 'What is normal for her?' Normal is feeling able to stitch and complete a project that I started the weekend before last. This is a bicornu designed by Le Fil Atalie. You can view her designs at This biscornu is the design for October. The chart is in colour although the instructions are in French. However, you don't need the instructions to stitch this. So thst is the upside to being off sick,

The back of the biscornu is a very quick stitch. I didn't have the Atalie floss with which the design should be stitched but I chose colours from The Thread Gatherer which I had in my stash

I also have the chart for The April Biscornu and I think I shall stitch this next.
On another front I have sorted out my stash and put some things on Ebay. I was very firm with myself. Anything that I knew I wouldn't stitch this year went. The problem is that I don't seem to have created any space at all. The drawers to the filing cabinet are still stuffed. Maybe I need to even more strict.


Patti said...

The colours you chose are just gorgeous - and weren't the spider wheels fun to do! Lots of Love Patti xxx

Solstitches said...

How lovely. It's a shame you are not going to do any more biscornu for a while. The ones you've done are just beautiful.


Aniza said...

very very lovely!