Monday, 30 June 2008

This Retiired Business

Life is such fun at the moment. I so busy that I haven't had time to update my blog lately. I have several finishes to show you. Firstly, I found this just started the other day and decided to finish it. It's by Hillside Samplings and is the 2006 Folk Art Sewing roll.

The second finish is one that i am particularly proud of. It's the Americanna Sewing Case by Catherine Theron. This is one of the classes that i took at Criss Cross Row this past March. I changed the count of fabric and only used 1 strand of wool for the bargello. I replaced the inside linen with a particularly beautiful R & R 400 count linen but used the same threads that were in the kit.

and finally a shawl that I knitted whilst on holiday last month. I cannot stitch in hotel rooms as the light isn't good enough. However I can knit and this is the result. The shall is knitted width ways and the frill at either side is knitted on afterwards. The yarn is a very stunning colour way from 'Posh Yarn' They hold their sales on a Sunday evening at 6pm GMT and their yarn is so popular that it is a fight to get the yarn you want. It certainly gets the adrenaline flowing.