Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Back Home Again

Now my retirement starts. I'm back home after the classes at Criss Cross Row in Newark, Delaware. What a fun time we all had. I took classes with Wendy White and Catherine Theron. Both lovely people and wonderful needle workers. The classes where held at the Christiana Hilton. On my arrival I was told that the hotel had overbooked and I should drive to another hotel just up the road. I was feeling very annoyed until I realised that the Hilton would be picking up the bill. Yes, they paid for my first night's stay, dinner and breakfast. How could I stay annoyed having just saved a considerable amount of money. Well. I couldn't. The next morning I drove back to Philadelphia airport to collect my dear friend Margi Ochs who was flying in to take classes. That afternoon classes started and the fun began. Marsha had a boutique running all day which was staffed by the wonderful friends she has. Marsha herself, spent a lot of her time driving to see Ken in rehab. The boutique was filled with all the new designs out at Nashville market so restraint went out of the window!

On Friday late afternoon I went with Marsha to visit Ken. The drive was 1 1/4 hours each way. Although it was a shock for me to see Ken as he, was Marsha assured me that he was better than the day before. Those of you who have followed Ken's illness via the Caringbridge website will know that his recovery from the rupture of his brain aneurysm will be much slower this time. Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation is a wonderful place with dedicated workers dealing with all levels of brain and body injuries. Ken will have a long stay this time. Ken recognized me and could associate me with Jim which I felt very happy about. It transpired later that all the staff recognized me also as Ken has a picture of Jim and myself taken in Alaska on his wall.

The classes finished all too soon and on Sunday night I was on a flight back to Heathrow. This is were my life will now change. I woke up on Tuesday morning and my first thought was "This is the beginning of the rest f my life". Retirement starts here so I have to get out of the habit of rushing around as I shall have days to finish things. Let's see how I get on.....................

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Update on my Latest Stitching Project

This is my latest stitching project. Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers Design #29 "Where My Heart Blooms". In the end I decided to stitch this over one as I'm not keen on stitching on 30ct linen over two. It's just that little bit too large for my taste. It's coming on very nicely and I hope to finish it as a flat fold.
I was sitting at the computer looking at there past designs and admiring them. At the same time I was thinking that a lot of their designs have blackbirds on. Well DUHHH! How stupid am I? Of course they do they're Blackbird Designs. Well you do have to make allowances for me!

Wednesday 21th March is gradually getting closer. That's the day that I fly into Philadelphia to take the classes at Criss Cross Row. I can't wait to see Marsha again. The news on Ken is a little better. He has been moved to rehab and will under go the same intensive rehabilitation that he had in January 07. We are all praying that he continues to improve.