Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Time Flies

I promised myself that I would sign into my blog every day and at least post something of interest that had happened during the day. O.K. - so that hasn't happened. What a surprise!
On Friday my good friend Patti came around and endeavoured to show me how to organise this blog. As you can see success didn't come easily. No pictures of finished items. No pictures of family or even of me, the blog writer. Friday is my day off and I promise myself that I shall spend some time attempting to upload photos.

I don't know what I caught this week but I do know that I have had to force myself to stay awake for the past few days. Come the evening I could cheerfully give up and go to bed. But I have forced myself to stitch mainly because I really want to get my Merry Cox ' Williamsburg' piece finished to show. Because I have been interspersing knitting with stitching I havn't managed to get as much done. I admit that I would usually have finished the project well before this in other years.

Work has been especially busy of late. I don't understand moves that promise to make a GP's surgery paperless turning out to mean 'Covered by more paper than one can ever deal with in the time allocated!!!!!' Whatever happened to 'put the patient first'???? Effectively it's now 'Fill every form in triplicate before the patient sits down in the consulting room and then send the triplicated forms on a journey around the surgery to different admin staff to be procesed'.

But - enough of this winging. Should anyone ever visit this blog they will think (maybe correctly) that I am a mad woman. I'm not - I just work in the NHS!

Friday, 25 January 2008

My Days and Evenings ......

My days or evenings never turn out as planned. After walking the dogs and nearly getting blown away in the evening gale and soaked in the driving rain, I collapsed in a heap in the chair and didn't have the energy to do anything but knit. I'm working on the Victorian Shoulderette by Sivia Harding.

This pattern is a joy to knit. The instructions are easy to follow and I especially like the way the bottom band of lace is knit at a different angle than the rest of the shoulderette. As soon as I learn how I shall post a picture. I'm nearly finished it now and I really think that I shall knit another soon.On the needlework front - I still have my Merry Cox Christmas in Williamsburg peice to complete. I have completed three sides of the design. It grows so quickly because it is mainly tent stitch. I cannot wait to see my finished piece and although it sounds as if knitting has overtaken needlework in my life, it isn't really like that. I love the way knitting has made a revival and all the hand dyed yarns there are around at the moment. Wool is so tactile. It really is a needleworkers faullt that I returned to knitting at all. I was introduced to sock knitting at ASG in Louisville in October 06 and I have been hooked ever since. I'm really thankful that my son's partners all love handknitted socks!

Monday, 21 January 2008

This is a bit like Alice.................................

Well, here I am with my first ever blog. What to say? This morning was so dark and dreary so I felt I needed to be cheered up. What did I do? Well, what I always do and that is buy something. This day's something happened to be wonderful Dream in Color Smoochy yarn from Socktopus. It just goes to show what a google search will throw up. In all my searches over the past year I had never found Socktopus before. I'm not quite sure how I can have missed such a wonderful choice of hand dyed yarns available here in the UK. That means NO CUSTOM charge. I was on top of the world and one thing led to another and so the blog was born. Will I have time to write down my thoughts every day? Who knows, least of all me but I can only go with the flow.
Later on in the morning my day was brightened even more by the arrival of a pink package from Posh Yarn. The package was full of Laura Noble, Laura Maze and Lei Glimmer. Now, I have no idea what I am going to knit but I do know that it will be a shawl or stole. I have knitted several of Evelyn Clark's designs recently and just love them. Tonight will be taken up with the pattern search.