Monday, 18 February 2008

At Last......

Yes I know I've been winging on and on about handing in my notice and I know it must have bored the pants off of you but I finally did it last Monday and I'm FREE. My last day will be on 11th March just in time to fly to Delaware for Criss Cross Row's Acadamy classes. I'm taking Wendy White and Catherine Theron's classes. It will be a fun filled few days.Once I return I can stitch, quilt and knit at my leisure. I suppose somewhere amongst that lot I should really mention cleaning but somehow it doesn't seem very important.
Jim's operation went very well. He was in the Clementine Churchill for one night only and then home. He's healing very well, with a great range of movement in his arm.
Last Saturday I had a Sampler Guild gathering at my house. We really are so lucky in that we have found such a wonderful group of women with whom to share our love of stitching. We really care about each other and share our ups and downs. Meeting up as we do has become a very important part of my life and I am very thankful for it.
It speaks volumes about me that I agreed to have my two beautiful grandsons to stay overnight on the same day as the Guild gathering.There was 20 minutes space between the ladies leaving and Dylan and Luke arriving. On Sunday morning I looked like my worst nightmare. But stitching is a healer and by Sunday evening I was back to what passes (for me) as normal. Now I'm off to daydream about freedom...................

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