Tuesday, 14 September 2010

My Brush With Royalty

Last Friday The Mann Ladies (Janet and Heather to the uninitiated), Chris and myself went to Clarence House Eco Garden Party.
Prince Charles, whose initiative this was, opened up his Clarence House,Lancaster House and Malborough House Gardens to many companies who supported his eco friendly initiative. The event is part of the Prince’s Start initiative, which promotes a more sustainable lifestyle. He said that the festival would help to demonstrate how everyone could make a difference.

These are some photo's of the event

and my own brush with Royalty

Finally we all decided that this was truly 'The Way To Go' in a completely biodegradable woollen coffin complete with a blanket stitched edge!


Margaret said...

How cool is that! Fantastic -- I'd love to have a brush with royalty!

Diane said...

That coffin is too funny! Are those woolen urns, too?

Sylvia said...

The coffin is a hoot - I love it.
See good ole' Prince Charles is pretty amazing.