Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Will I Ever See Grass Again

More snow today. When I went to bed last night we almost had a thaw and then overnight another 3 inches. Not, I know, nearly as much as other places but still enough for me. Merlyn is able to go out for a walk now so he skated along on top of the snow. He looked like a bedraggled rag when we got home.

The poor birds are also having a problem finding food. We put out food on top of our garage roof and look what we saw...........

There is, however, an upside to being stuck inside the house for a number of days. I have completed several projects and here they are.

The first is a Shepherds Bush piece that I used as a box top. I painted and waxed the box and then mounted the needlework on the top. Now I need to find some goodies to go inside it.

Then I knitted nm DIL a lacy neck warmer and matching gloves. She is an absolute delight to have in our family and it's a pleasure to see her face when she wears the things I make for her. The pattern was given to me by a good friend in the USA who also loves lace knitting.

That's all for today. Now I'm going to carry on with my pre-stitching of Jackie du Plessis's 'Thistlewood' ready for our class in May. I've completed the pre-stitching of 'Briar Rose' and I am so looking forward to the classes to finish both these pieces.


Margaret said...

Such beautiful stitching and knitting! I always love to see what you're up to! It's amazing how much snow you all have had. Admittedly we still have snow on the ground as well, but I think it's more unusual for you all! Hope you see the grass soon!

Bertie said...

Like us Sandra, today we had a clean up of the lane with the neighbours, but it was not enough.
Your pup looks very naughty here, shame I cannot see hem. Love his name!!.

Yes the upside is finishing things when snowed in, so same here.

angelasweby said...

Oh my goodness, what an amazing feast for the eyes. I absolutely adore the scissors case Janet made you. I love those colours too - maybe we can share it...haha! It's beautifully made and finished in Janet's unique talented and creative style. The pretty teddies dressed by Heather are irresistible. What talented girls these sisters are!
Angela xx

angelasweby said...

Oh wow, what a sight on top of your shed!! Jack would feel blessed to have such a winter visitor!! Our birds are eating us out of house and home!! Merlyn looks like a snow puppy :>) He's growing so quickly!

I love your SB A haunting. Mounting it on you own prepared box was an inspired idea. Such amazing knitting too.
Warm wishes Angela

Brigitte said...

That's exactly what I think when looking out the window. I'd definitely love to see some colours outside.
Great box top!!!

Siobhan said...

What a wonderful thing to say about your DIL. I hope I am able to say the same when the time comes for me! You made her a gorgeous gift. You're so talented! I just love the SB box, too. Gorgeous work! I'm so glad that you're posting again (and kicking myself for not seeing your earlier posts) because I love seeing your work.

Your new pup is just too adorable for words. Enjoy him!