Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Peculiarity of Computers

I have been struggling for several days trying to change the surround on this blog. Nothing works and I cannot alter it. It's obviously something to do with Firefox because I have had problems with my email since Firefox updated. What it is to be computer illiterate.

Anyway here are a few finishes to show. I have a wonderful friend Janet who finished these for me as I was running out of time. She is trying to build up a finishing business and as you can see, is very good at it.
This is a Shepherd's Bush heart design called 'Gypsy Hearts'

I supplied all the finishing materials and Janet made this beautiful cushion for me.
I love Shepherd's Bush needlework. Their designs are always so delicate.

The next is another one by Shepherd's Bush called 'Quaker Heart'. Again, this is finished by Janet.

I used my choice of silks and so this is not true to the original but is more to my taste.

That's all I have for you now. I must get back to 'Puppy Patrol'

8.45pm - A big Thank You to my wonderful friend Patti who, in an instant, managed to change my background.


Margaret said...

Beautiful finishes, and beautiful finishing by Janet! I love SB so much.

hazel said...

I love your quaker heart Sandra also the pillow.

I would like to wish you a very happy new year and look forward to reading your news in 2010.

Hazel (UK)

Patti said...

You are very welcome my friend.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Gwen said...

Happy New Year!
Love your finishes. It was great to see you in Dec.. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Brigitte said...

Both finishes look so great. I love Shepherd's Bush and have also stitched one of their heart patterns but haven't finish-finished it yet. A pillow is such a great idea.

Angela said...

Sandra, hi there,
I love your SB's piece and, of course, it's beautifully finished by Janet as is the heart. It is nice to have stitching finished so professionally after you spend so much time and care on it.

The blog format is great, Patti sure knows her stuff.
Hope to catch up with you soon :>)
Angela xx

Siobhan said...

What gorgeous work, Sandra! You & Janet make a wonderful team. :)