Monday, 21 January 2008

This is a bit like Alice.................................

Well, here I am with my first ever blog. What to say? This morning was so dark and dreary so I felt I needed to be cheered up. What did I do? Well, what I always do and that is buy something. This day's something happened to be wonderful Dream in Color Smoochy yarn from Socktopus. It just goes to show what a google search will throw up. In all my searches over the past year I had never found Socktopus before. I'm not quite sure how I can have missed such a wonderful choice of hand dyed yarns available here in the UK. That means NO CUSTOM charge. I was on top of the world and one thing led to another and so the blog was born. Will I have time to write down my thoughts every day? Who knows, least of all me but I can only go with the flow.
Later on in the morning my day was brightened even more by the arrival of a pink package from Posh Yarn. The package was full of Laura Noble, Laura Maze and Lei Glimmer. Now, I have no idea what I am going to knit but I do know that it will be a shawl or stole. I have knitted several of Evelyn Clark's designs recently and just love them. Tonight will be taken up with the pattern search.

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