Friday, 15 January 2010

Wonderful Presents

I was very lucky to have a wonderful hand made presents from my friends Janet and Heather this Christmas, Janet made mea beautiful scissor case complete with scissors in the colours that she knows I love best.

Isn't it just exquisite.

Heather, knowing my love of Teddy Bears, dressed these for me. They are called 'Penny Patch' and 'Suzie Sew'.

Wonderful people with great talent.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Will I Ever See Grass Again

More snow today. When I went to bed last night we almost had a thaw and then overnight another 3 inches. Not, I know, nearly as much as other places but still enough for me. Merlyn is able to go out for a walk now so he skated along on top of the snow. He looked like a bedraggled rag when we got home.

The poor birds are also having a problem finding food. We put out food on top of our garage roof and look what we saw...........

There is, however, an upside to being stuck inside the house for a number of days. I have completed several projects and here they are.

The first is a Shepherds Bush piece that I used as a box top. I painted and waxed the box and then mounted the needlework on the top. Now I need to find some goodies to go inside it.

Then I knitted nm DIL a lacy neck warmer and matching gloves. She is an absolute delight to have in our family and it's a pleasure to see her face when she wears the things I make for her. The pattern was given to me by a good friend in the USA who also loves lace knitting.

That's all for today. Now I'm going to carry on with my pre-stitching of Jackie du Plessis's 'Thistlewood' ready for our class in May. I've completed the pre-stitching of 'Briar Rose' and I am so looking forward to the classes to finish both these pieces.