Tuesday, 3 February 2009

More Finishes

As anyone living in or around the south of England can tell you we had more snow than we have seen in years. It started to fall on Sunday night and didn't stop until late yesterday afternoon. It was forecast but of cause, this being England,no forward plans were made so no roads were gritted or salted. Everything ground to a halt. London was a ghost town with only the intrepid few making it in to work. My son works in 5 miles away in Harefield. He managed to make it to work and he was one of only seven people in an office of forty-five to do so. Anyone relying on bus or train transport was out of luck. I took my rule outside and measured the depth of snow in my garden. It measured ten inches deep. The dogs were in their element. Even Willow, at fourteen, was charging around with her nose buried in the snow.
As I was effectively snowed in, I decided I would photograph a few more of my finishes to show you.

The first is an old class piece that I took at Sampler Gathering in Plymouth.As far as I can remember I took the class in 2003 or 4 The design is by Wendy White of WeeWorks and is called 'A Sailor's Valentine' I have put one of the few pictures my Mother allowed taken of herself inside. I thought this would be much more difficult to assemble than it actually was. I'm very pleased with the outcome.

The next piece is a Breast Cancer piece from Blackbird Designs called 'Buttons and Blooms For The Cure' I had never sewn piping around a finished piece and was very pleased that I managed it.

In October 12008 I was lucky enough to attend Rae Iverson's ASG on Hilton Head in South Carolina. This class was taught by Catherine Jordan. We had to prepare our linen and paint the background colours before we started stitching the design. I think most of us were very hesitant but Catherine was very good and helped us all to achieve the finished product.


Margaret said...

Oh Sandra, what wonderful finishes! That Rae Iverson retreat piece is so gorgeous! I'm so glad to have discovered your blog.

Carol B. said...

Sandra -

Your stitching and your finishing is just put the rest of us to shame!!!

Enjoy the snow!!

Carol B.

Patti said...

Your finishing is always so perfect as is your stitching, of course. See you next week. Love Patti xxx

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Sandra, I love the variety of ways you finish your stitching. That white cord around the ship is beautifully done.
They closed the schools due to snow - can you beleive that??

Gwen said...

Hi Sandra,
Your finishes are great!
I see several familiar pieces that are somewhere in my stash and have not seen the light of day since class.

Keep up the good work!

angelasweby said...

Oh Sandra, what a treat looking at your stitching is :>)
I love the Sailors Valentine and how appropriate to see it now with Valentine's Day only a few days away. It such an intricate piece and looks so pretty with the photo of your mum. What an amazing way of attaching it. I love the little Blackbird Designs pillow too. Everything is beautiful.

We've had amazing snow here too. I just love it.
Hugs, Angela