Monday, 30 June 2008

This Retiired Business

Life is such fun at the moment. I so busy that I haven't had time to update my blog lately. I have several finishes to show you. Firstly, I found this just started the other day and decided to finish it. It's by Hillside Samplings and is the 2006 Folk Art Sewing roll.

The second finish is one that i am particularly proud of. It's the Americanna Sewing Case by Catherine Theron. This is one of the classes that i took at Criss Cross Row this past March. I changed the count of fabric and only used 1 strand of wool for the bargello. I replaced the inside linen with a particularly beautiful R & R 400 count linen but used the same threads that were in the kit.

and finally a shawl that I knitted whilst on holiday last month. I cannot stitch in hotel rooms as the light isn't good enough. However I can knit and this is the result. The shall is knitted width ways and the frill at either side is knitted on afterwards. The yarn is a very stunning colour way from 'Posh Yarn' They hold their sales on a Sunday evening at 6pm GMT and their yarn is so popular that it is a fight to get the yarn you want. It certainly gets the adrenaline flowing.


Susimac said...

Oh WOWEEEE they are such stunning finishes - I too would be proud of them - CONGRATULATONS

Sandra said...

Very nice finishes Sandra, I love the french knotted sheep. The scrimshaws are yummy too, aren't the bees cute?

Patti said...

You are just something else my friend. I love them all - but you know that cause I have seen them finished and trust me these photos really don't do them justice. Lots and lots of Love to you

angelasweby said...

Oh goodness me,
The Americana Sewing Case is just exquisite. I love every little bit of it. The inside is so eye catching and, you are right, the pale aqua/teal coloured linen is perfect. The outside is unbelievable!!
I just love the little 'ouch! Such a clever little touch.
Your Hillside Samplings piece is spectacular too. What a joy to have these pieces on display :>)
Hugs Angela

Romy in Austria said...

Love viewing your pictures! And would love viewing an update on your blog!!