Monday, 17 August 2009

It May Not Be Stitching

But it is something that I have made. Every year at this time my one housewifely feeling surfaces and I make jam and jelly. I have no idea why I am blessed with this longing to root through the hedgerows and pick blackberries but I am. So, as there is an abundance of blackberries in our surrounding fields, I took the dogs and started to pick. Now those of you who do this will know that one bowl is never enough and so it was that my kitchen work top was filled with bowl after bowl of beautiful, large juicy blackberries. Jelly was duly made and now I can sit back and gaze at the jars which fill my cupboards to overflowing. Perhaps I should point out that I am the only one in this house that eats jam and therefore it will last until I am in my dotage as will the jars of strawberry jam left over from last years jam making.

Now on to something that I have completed on the knitting front. These are ' Scrunchie Gloves' the pattern for which is taken from '101 Designer Yarn Stash Wonders' They knit beautifully in stripey yarn and certainly much more by luck than judgement I managed to find yarn in my stash that really showed them well.