Monday, 28 April 2008

Sanity at Last

There are those that might question the title of this particular blog but my retirement has taken off with such speed that I haven't had a chance to draw breath. My friends (wonderful people) have drawn me into their own lives and therefore enriched mine during this time of change for me. I have not once had a chance to feel at a loss. In fact my days just speed by. I was always faintly incredulous of those who stated that they didn't know how they managed to find time to go to work. Now I'm one of them!

I have several finishes to show. At least you will know that I haven't been entirely without purpose.

This is Key to my Heart by Lauren Sauer

and this by Brightneedle

This by Merry Cox named A French Bon Bon Box

So as you can see I have done plenty of stitching in the evenings after my very hectic days. Now I feel the longing to knit somehting so I am away to search through patterns and yarn!