Monday, 22 February 2010

Bonjour Mes Amis

Yes I have returned from the French Needlework show (Les Fete en Aguilees) a somewhat poorer woman in monetry terms but richer in experience.
Although the weather was so cold, mostly below freezing, after our initial day it was fine with none of the expected snow.
Here are just a couple of the beautiful charts that I bought.


Due to Bertie's diligence we were able to pay a visit to 'Sajou' at Versailles. If you ever get a chance give these ladies a telephone call and they will welcome you to their small wharehouse full of the most wonderful Sajou items. So here is Bertie, interupted just once, from her shopping mode.

 And finally, the palce of Versailles in the late afternoon sunshine.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Another Puppy Problem

This puppy jumps from one problem to another. Having only just got over the campyla bacter infection he decided to try and leave his crate without removing his paw from the the wire of the crate's side. Another £52 lighter we returned from the vets and Merlyn is blotto after the pain killing injection. This poses a problem only because I am supposed to give him NSAID pain killing syrup on his food and he's too out of it to eat. He looks so relaxed that I'm thinking I want some too !! In the 7 weeks we have had him (he's 15 weeks old today)there has not been 1 week when I haven't either been to or telephoned the vet. Luckily he's so lovely that he's worth all the worry.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

A Beautiful Present

It was my Birthday early in December and I was very lucky to receive this wonderful pin cushion from Patti. I love the way she has finished it and I have it sitting on my needlework table all ready to use. The problem is that it seems so lovely I don't want to stick pins in it. So I shall have to keep it on display.

Yes the date on it is a dead give away of my quickly advancing age. It's funny how I never feel that old inside.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


The other day Connie sent me a link to the incredible talented Nina and her Blog. I loved what I saw so much that I decided to try and dye my own linen following Nina's instructions. I used a 'teapigs' tea called 'Berry Fruitful' and this was the result. Not bad for a first attempt but I was sure I could do better if I tried. Who doesn't remember that phrase from their schooldays?

My next attempt was using chamomile tea with this choice of threads and ribbon. 

And here is my final attempt using ordinary tea.

I really had a good time playing with this but no one need worry I certainly won't be making it a full time job.